How to grow long eyelashes

Is it possible to grow long eyelashes?

How to grow long eyelashes?

Eyelash loss happens for different reasons

Eyelashes may fall out for different reasons – age, hormonal changes, medication allergies. Eyelashes may fall out due to chemo therapy, psychological reasons (some people just pull eyelashes out), mechanical (physical damage), allergies to makeup, malnourishment, etc. There could be even chemical reaction to mascara or eyelinerhow to grow long eyelashes

Should I get extensions?

Extensions are great way to get long and full eyelashes fast.
If you have wedding or major event soon and have no time to wait 2.5 – 3 months to grow long eyelashes, then extensions are great way to get long eyelashes fast and not to worry too much about curlers, primers, mascara.
Downside of extensions – you can completely ruin your eyelashes. You can literally end up without any eyelashes at all if you wear extensions for a long period of time and your natural eyelashes are not strong enough to support weight of extensions. Many women use eyelash enhancers together with eyelash extensions to strengthen eyelashes and prevent eyelash loss and damage. Eyelash enhancers are different from eyelash conditioners, because conditioners usually applied to the whole length of eyelash and have conditioning and moisturizing agents. Eyelash Enhancers, like Latisse (FDA approved), Lilash, or Fysiko eyelash serum, applied to the base of eyelashes and help to regrow eyelashes.

Natural remedies to grow long eyelashes

There are some natural ways to condition eyelashes. It wouldn’t be as effective as eyelash enhancer, but will fully substitute eyelash conditioner.

Castor oil

Lots of women feel that Castor oil is very effective to grow eyelashes and eyebrows. People have used it to successfully regrow bald areas on the scalp, so it makes sense that it would work on the eyelashes as well. Take a q-tip or small applicator brush, and apply the oil the base of your eyelashes. Many women swear by the ordinary, pure castor oil while others wouldn’t use anything except Jamaican Black Castor oil. Whichever version you decide to use, make sure that you avoid getting any in your eyes. Use it nightly before bed.

Egg white

You may have the complaint that you lose your eyelashes frequently. If you are intending to make them stronger, then just use the mixture of egg white and castor oil. Use 2 drops from both the mixture and mix them together, apply with the lashes brush and leave it overnight

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Biotin can seem like a miracle pill for people with hair loss issues. People that take biotin supplements report increased hair growth as well as improved hair strand quality. The only issue is, increased Biotin intake results in hair growth all over your body, not just where you need it. Good news for your brows, not so good news for your legs and underarms. Take a razor to the hair growth where you don’t want it, and enjoy it where you do want it. Take 5000 mcg’s of Biotin daily in order to see results. You can also eat your Biotin by consuming foods like bananas, pecans and sardines.

Vitamin E

Good old vitamin E oil has been successful for years in helping some women grow back their eyelashes. Applying the oil to their eyelashes has either resulted in thicker strands, new lashes, or both. You can buy the Vitamin E as an oil, or else purchase the gels or capsules, and squeeze the oil out. Some women are afraid of putting the oil near their lash lines, and instead ingest the vitamin E supplement. Check with your doctor.

Emu Oil

Emu oil is made from the fat of the emu bird from Australia. It’s an easily penetrable oil that stimulates dormant follicles into producing hair again. A number of people have achieved success in growing scalp hair with emu oil, and people using it on their eyelashes have been pleased with the results as well. Apply a light coating of the emu oil to the lash line in the evenings before bed.

Eyelash conditioners to grow long eyelashes

Very often eyelash conditioners used to help to grow long eyelashes.
Eyelash Conditioners moisturize eyelashes and lock this moisture inside to condition eyelashes. Eyelash conditioners usually come in the tube like mascara with applicator which looks like mascara applicator as well. Eyelash conditioner or eyelash night treatment is applied to the full length of eyelashes from base to ends to moisturize and condition eyelashes.

Why diet is important if you want to grow long eyelashes

Our body distributes important vitamins and nutrients to vital organs first. If diet is lacking vitamins and proteins, there is not enough building materials to build new cells and support vitality of eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, nails. Lack of vitamins and proteins may cause skin to look dull as well. Eyelashes get weak and stop growing, eyebrows go bold, hair lose its shine and look damaged and nails get flaky.
Most important food in your diet if you want to grow long eyelashes - proteins.
Proteins are building blocks of cells, not enough proteins means eyelashes have no strength t0 grow, create new cells.
Biotin, Iron are important.. there is a good article about food to eat and what vitamins to take for eyelash growth. Read it here.

Eyelash enhancers which help to grow long eyelashes

More about Fysiko Eyelash Serum read here
Read here what vitamins are important for your lashes

Sexy long eyelashes

Would you like to have sexy long eyelashes?

Who wouldn’t want to have sexy long eyelashes?

Every woman is searching for mascara which will make eyelashes longer or fuller, or both. Billions of dollars spent on mascara. Millions of dollars spent on eyelash extensions, falsies and eyelash enhancers.
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fysiko eyelash growth serum

Eyelash Growth Secrets

Eyelash Growth Secrets

To have great eyelashes some need to be just born with it.

Eyelash growth is a continuous process.
There are three different stages to grow eyelashes. Eyelashes are just like the hair on our body and have an eyelash growth cycle that helps to keep our eyelashes growing.

  • •Anagen, is the first growth phase, and varies in length depending on the person and genetics; this usually takes 30 to 45 days. This phase determines how long each eyelash will grow.
  • •Catagen, is considered the resting phase. Eyelash growth stops. This phase can last two to three weeks.
  • •Telogen, is the third and final phase. This is considered the shedding phase and can last for three to four months. New eyelashes will start to grow as it pushes the old hair out and allow the new eyelashes to push through.
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    How To Grow Long Eyelashes

    Tips how to make eyelashes look longer.
    1. Apply light cream or lotion under your eyes.
    2. Before applying concealer, lotion or light eye cream need to dry.
    3. Under the eye concealer has to be dusted with loose powder.
    4. Curl your eyelashes. Position an eyelash curler as close to the roots of your lashes as possible without pinching your skin. Clamp down gently, and hold in place for a few seconds. Move the curler a little farther out, and very lightly press again. Repeat once or twice more, each time moving the curler. If your lashes are thin, brush on a coat of primer.
    5. Take a creamy mascara, and hold the wand at the base of your lashes. Wiggle slightly from side to side, then brush straight up through the ends of lashes. Apply two or three coats to each eye, allowing about two minutes to dry in between. If need more volume, very little amount of loose powder between coats (after combing) will make eyelashes thicker.
    6. After each coat of mascara, brush the top quarter of your lashes with an eyelash comb. This creates a feathery look. To avoid smudging, finish with one coat of a waterproof formula.
    7. For more dramatic results, use Ardell single eyelash extentions and glue it to the outer corner.
    What mascara to use? Lancome.  Lancome Definicils, Hypnose, any Lancome mascara

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